Submit Your Awesomeness


There are a variety of ways to submit your (or other people’s) brilliance for editorial consideration. If you’re looking to connect about advertising, learn more here.

1. Lessons Learned (PERSONAL STORIES)

We’ve all been hit with life lessons at work and/or home. (Remember that Mother’s Day disaster that turned into the best moment ever? Or the lesson you learned from a challenging parenting moment?) Do you want to share your story and have it featured on Boston Mamas and promoted through social media? To submit a story for Life Lessons, e-mail Christine at with "LIFE LESSONS" in the subject. Please note the following:

  • Submissions must be original work (not published or submitted elsewhere).
  • 500 words or less, spell checked and edited; Christine reserves the right to edit (for brevity or coherence only, not story arc!).
  • Include a 1-2 line bio (or if you prefer to be identified only by first name, that is OK too).
  • Feel free to send accompanying images (with image credit notes) that are relevant to your story.
  • Not all submissions will be published; tell your story in a clear and compelling way to improve likelihood of publication (identify the challenge/situation and what you learned from it; see this post for example).
  • Note: submissions selected for publication may be edited for brevity and coherence.


Do your love your town and the many local gems it includes? Contact Christine at with "LOCAL GEMS" in the subject if you would like to guest post for the Local Gems editorial series. Please include the name of the town/community you would like to submit for and Christine will get back to you if the town/community is not already being covered.

3. Eat Seasonal (FOOD CONTENT)

Are you a food writer who shares recipes and beautiful food photography on the internet? Submit your existing recipes (in which a specific fruit or vegetable is central to the recipe) to Christine at with "EAT SEASONAL" in the subject for potential inclusion in an Eat Seasonal post. Include the URL to your recipe. Recipes with a simple approach + great visuals improve the likelihood of being selected!

4. Weekly Blueprint/Weekend Roundup (EVENTS)

Christine and her team want to make the lives of busy local parents easy via two recurring weekly posts. The Weekly Blueprint rounds up weekday events on Monday; the Weekend Roundup rounds up weekend events. These listings are curated and inclusion is based on: 1) general awesomeness/utility; and 2) website details. To submit an event for editorial consideration, e-mail the event description + URL to with “EVENT LISTING” in the subject.

5. Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome (INTERESTING LINKS)

Have you come across (or written) something awesome on the web? Christine would love to know about it for her recurring weekly post Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome! To submit a link for editorial consideration, e-mail the content description + URL to with "WEB ROUNDUP" in the subject.